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Survey Technician III Job Opportunity

Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2023 8:01 am
by tacomajobs
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There is currently one opening for a Survey Technician III at Tacoma Power. This posting is to create a list that will be used to fill this vacancy, and any other vacancies that occur at Tacoma Power over the next year.

A Survey Technician III within Power Generation performs technical, semi-professional work as an instrument operator on a survey crew which includes the operation of specialized instruments used for Tacoma Power's Dam Safety monitoring program. An employee in this classification is responsible for setting up, adjusting and operating total stations, levels, data recording units, G.P.S. receivers, other surveying instruments and dam monitoring instruments to secure data to support Tacoma Power's Dam Safety program and surveying needs.

Responsibilities Include:
Set, adjust and operate levels, theodolites, total stations, data recording units, GPS receivers and other surveying instruments to establish angles and elevations for construction, engineering design, control networks, monitoring structures, and property surveys.
Maintain notes, sketches and records of work performed or data secured; develop sketches or hard copies as required
Provide work direction and technical assistance to other technicians as required.
Establish hubs for line and grade using level rod, tapes, plumb bob, prisms and engineer’s chain as required; assist in sighting procedures.
Take linear measurements as directed with steel tape or prism, drive and mark stakes or uncover existing survey points.
Clear brush, weeds and other obstacles from line of sight using machete, axe, or chainsaw.
Determine field equipment requirements and stock crew truck accordingly.
Set traffic cones, signs, and flag traffic to safely redirect traffic.
Maintain and calibrate equipment, perform minor repairs, monitor tire pressures, fuel, and oil levels in assigned vehicle.
Learn to operate a variety of tools and instruments associated with monitoring a dam.